Trucking Expert – Testimonials

Thank you for reviewing testimonials from those who’ve retained Scott L. Turner as a truck accident expert witness. Mr. Turner was CEO of a CMV crash recovery team for nearly two decades, and his industry experience has helped shed light on even the most complicated trucking accidents. Below, visitors will find recent testimonials that are relatively current and updated on a quarterly basis. Upon request, additional testimonials regarding Mr. Turner’s capabilities as a trucking expert are available.

Visitors are also invited to contact any of the clients who have submitted the following reviews as to inquire about the services of Truck Accident & Incident Experts, LLC, dba . Please visit our “Contact Us/Locations” page (or call our New Jersey office at 908-496-4273, or our Tennessee office at 423-881-5469, to request contact information on any of the following testimonials.

Truck Accident Expert Witness Testimonials:

“Dear Mr. Turner: I am pleased to report that the above matter has settled.  I am certain that your report and analysis was most hopeful in bringing this matter to its successful conclusion.  There were various liability challenges that were addressed in your report.  Your analysis helped to eliminate any argument that the plaintiff was comparatively negligent or that a co-employee was responsible for the plaintiff’s injuries.  Your office was easy to work with and delivered the  report on time despite a narrow deadline.  I look forward to working with you again.”

Richard Kupersmith
Haggerty,Goldberg,Schleifer and Kupersmith P.C.

“As you know, Scott Turner was our expert in the case in Pittsburgh last week. Scott was a terrific witness and clearly knows what he’s talking about when it comes to cargo tank crashes, DOT regulations, OSHA requirements, accident scene recovery, response, investigation, and cause analysis. Scott was very helpful to me during the pre-trial phase in developing our theory of liability and causation, and was an effective witness who transmits a real command of the subject matter. If you have other truck crash issues, particularly those which involve haz mat releases, Scott could be a wonderful resource.”

Wendy R. S. O’Connor
Marshall, Dennehey, Warner, Coleman & Coggin
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

“Scott Turner provided effective expert opinion in a prompt and competent manner.  He thoroughly analyzed the evidence and proffered a strong liability theory in a complicated negligence case.  He was available to discuss the case and delivered his reports in a timely fashion.”

Attorney Steven Litner
Rawson, Merrigan & Litner, LLP
Boston, Massachusettes

“Trucking accident cases are too often catastrophic. And in litigating them, there is no margin of error. That is why expert selection is paramount. You need a trucking expert not only with all the needed credentials, but with a career of ongoing hands-on experience – one who often teaches and trains the state and local highway officials who were first responders at the scene of your accident. That’s why I trust Scott Turner. He possesses that rare combination of infinite meticulous compulsion of gathering and analyzing every accident detail – no fact, part #, or measurement escapes his grasp. But he then synthesizes that universe of seemingly incomprehensible accident detail into a powerful and understandable reckoning for your jury so they can learn what really was at play causing your accident.”

Frank A. Rothermel, Esq.
Bernhardt, Rothermel & Segal
Philadelphia, PA

Thank you again for your review, analysis, and reports relative to our recent litigation.

You prepared a most thorough report and analysis and took the time to analyze all relevant details of a most difficult liability case. I am sure your reports and anticipated testimony were key factors in persuading the Court and the defendant to settle this case prior to trial.

I was most impressed by your enthusiasm about a highly contested case wherein defendant(s) created a most unsafe roadway condition; ultimately causing serious injury and harm to my client. Furthermore, you were always accessible, via phone, to discuss my questions and concerns.

I truly commend your efforts and look forward to working with you in the future.

Andrew M. Kusnirik, III, Esq.
Law Offices of Andrew M. Kusnirik, III
Hamilton, New Jersey

“Scott: I just wanted to take a moment to memorialize how appreciative of you and your efforts I am. You have the requisite intellect and knowledge in your field. You also have an extraordinary work ethic. You are patient in teaching counsel your findings, as well. These traits operate in combination to make you one hell of an expert. Thank you”.

David W. Brill, Esq.
Brill, Rinaldi & Garcia
Weston, Florida

“We retained Scott Turner Consulting in a recent case. In a short period of time, he reviewed voluminous material and prepared an extensive and persuasive report. His attention to detail and overall knowledge of the trucking industry is excellent. We would highly recommend him, and should the need arise, we would not hesitate to use him in the future.”

S. Morris Hadden, Esq. and Teresa Mahan Lesnak, Esq.
Hunter, Smith & Davis, LLP
Kingsport, Tennessee

“I would absolutely recommend Scott Turner as a trucking expert, especially for litigation purposes. From the initial discussion through the excellent final narrative report Scott was very helpful in educating me as to the issues surrounding our case. Most importantly, he identified the documents we needed to prove our theory of liability against the defendants. His knowledge of the profession was excellent as was his response time in regards to my questions and guidelines”.

Milton W. Brown, Esq.
Woodbury, New Jersey

FMCSA Driver/Management Training:

“I don’t remember the last time I encountered a person that went the extra mile for the sake of customer satisfaction. Scott’s personal experience, firsthand knowledge and “go-get em” attitude made for a perfect match for our driver safety meetings in New Jersey and Houston. I would highly recommend his services as Scott L Turner Consulting, LLC will adapt to your needs.”

Bryan Hermann, Director
Hermann Transportation Services
Dayton, New Jersey

“The training Scott presented was very informative and engaged the participants in the class. The students participated and it was one of the best training classes I have provided to my DPW employees. The real world examples and hands-on driver and CMV inspection techniques were excellent. I would recommend Scott to anyone trying to improve their compliance with CDL operations.”

Richard Brevogel
Director of Public Works / Deputy Township Manager
Willingboro Township, New Jersey