Truck Crash Expert Witness – Scott’s Professional Experience


Scott L. Turner has been actively involved in the field of Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) transportation matters since 1988. He is the former working CEO and founder of a nationwide CMV crash recovery and major disaster response and recovery team, with or without hazardous materials.

Turner’s former crash recovery team was the nation’s leading dedicated privately owned CMV crash recovery, investigation and emergency spill response corporation that while under Turner’s management was called upon to manage well in-excess of 2000 incidents annually ranging from Commercial Motor Vehicle crashes to train derailments; from small private air incidents to major commercial airline crashes; from small hazmat releases at a chemical facility to major chemical facility disasters such as spills, explosions and fires.

Prior to Turner’s aforesaid experience he was an owner-operator for several years operating a tractor-trailer as an over-the-road driver in the late 1980’s. His driving experience included flat-beds, low-boy (wide and over-sized loads), tanker and dry van trailers.


“I would absolutely recommend Scott Turner as a trucking expert, especially for litigation purposes. From the initial discussion through the excellent final narrative report Scott was very helpful in educating me as to the issues surrounding our case. Most importantly, he identified the documents we needed to prove our theory of liability against the defendants. His knowledge of the profession was excellent as was his response time in regards to my questions and guidelines”.

Milton W. Brown, Esq.
Woodbury, New Jersey

In addition to both FMCSA and PHMSA training and compliance audits and inspections, Turner currently and primarily serves as an expert witness to the transportation legal community. For additional snapshot information regarding Turner’s expert work, see the below section entitled “Representation”.

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Additional Experience:

  • In excess of 1,000 Tractor Trailer Wrecks
  • In excess of 200 Cargo-Tank Truck Wrecks
  • Numerous rail tank car incidents and train derailments
  • Numerous airline disasters
  • Contamination migration issues
  • Hazard and risk assessment
  • Environmental impact studies
  • Clean-up and remediation incident audits

Headline Incidents:

With respect to non-CMV related disasters and crashes, in behalf of HMHTTC Response, Inc, Scott Turner has presided over some of North America’s worst hazardous materials and/or general disasters such as, but not limited to:

  • 1997 Federal Express air disaster, Newark Airport, NJ,
  • 2001 Motiva’s Delaware City 1.2 million gallon sulfuric acid disaster
  • 2001 Hart Senate Building Anthrax release
  • 2001 CSX Baltimore Tunnel train derailment
  • 2002 BASF’s oleum tank car explosion and fire, Freeport TX
  • 2002 G-4 jet crash in Teterboro, NJ,
  • 2009 US Airways jet crash in the Hudson River, NJ


Turner has been called upon by numerous law firms spanning the United States, from California to New York, and from Texas to Illinois. Turner serving as both Plaintiff and Defense expert for retaining law firms has served in some of North America’s most notorious CMV related cases.


“Trucking accident cases are too often catastrophic. And in litigating them, there is no margin of error. That is why expert selection is paramount. You need a trucking expert not only with all the needed credentials, but with a career of ongoing hands-on experience – one who often teaches and trains the state and local highway officials who were first responders at the scene of your accident. That’s why I trust Scott Turner. He possesses that rare combination of infinite meticulous compulsion of gathering and analyzing every accident detail – no fact, part #, or measurement escapes his grasp. But he then synthesizes that universe of seemingly incomprehensible accident detail into a powerful and understandable reckoning for your jury so they can learn what really was at play causing your accident.”

Frank A. Rothermel, Esq.
Bernhardt, Rothermel & Segal
Philadelphia, PA

Turner’s expert services span from the representation of client’s such as the State of California’s legal counsel from California Department of Transportation (CalTrans) for a major cargo-tank crash with millions in highway and property damage to the Defense or Plaintiff Counsel representing the truck crash, or loading/off-loading matter.

In addition to many CMV crash cases for private plaintiff and defense firms, Turner’s reputation has taken him to the federal level. Turner has been requested as the expert representing the United States Department of Justice (New Mexico) involving a CMV shipment of an estimated $25 million in cocaine from Southern California to the East coast whereas the shipment was discovered during a routine FMCSA truck inspection.