Truck Crash Expert Speaker Engagements

Scott L. Turner’s wealth of expertise in the trucking industry has made him a sought-after guest speaker at conferences throughout North America. His presentations run the gamut of CMV-related truck crash accidents and issues, from the initial response to an everyday CMV crash, with or without hazmats, to the liabilities and damages that will inevitably become an issue of litigation.

Turner does not speak from a teleprompter, notes or the like. He simply delivers an energetic message conveyed from extensive experience, knowledge and passion gleaned from a 30-year career, which has included numerous requests for his services as a trucking expert witness

Suggested subject matter:

  • Driver Shock Training (Scared Straight)
  • Truck Crash; First 24 Hours of Involvement (Management)
  • Truck Crash; Liabilities of Defense
  • Truck Crash; Evidence and Standards of Care
  • Truck Crash; Plaintiff Counsel
  • Cargo-Tank Truck Crash; Management
  • Cargo-Tank Truck Crash; First Response
  • HazMat Crash; First Response
  • HazMat Crash; Liabilities of Defense
  • HazMat Crash; Evidence and Standards of Care
  • HazMat Crash; Plaintiff Counsel

All speaking events are tailored and customized to the audience. Turner does not offer any “canned” expert trucking training programs.